Website assets

This was the third game I worked on during my first year. It was also the first time I was part of a game launch. I learned so much from the experience and it helped me optimize my work flow for future game launches. I worked on a wide variety of assets ranging from marketing material to in game update assets. I was also responsible for much of the artistic style used during the initial launch.

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In Game Assets

Creative assets for the website, forums and Xbox port.

I was responsible for the first in game promotional material during the first few months after launch. I established a style for these during early pre-launch and much of it what the feel for web and promotional assets would look like. With these particular banner assets, I made sure that these would always be eye catching so new players would visit the news section and learn more about the latest game info and events.



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UI Assets

UI assets for print, website, forums and Xbox Port.

I created several UI assets for early print material used at a few conventions. I also did several twitch overlays and elements for the website and forums. I also had the opportunity to create the achievement assets for the Xbox Port. This was one of the projects that I learned a lot from while working with partners at Xbox.



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Marketing Assets

Creative assets for the website, forums and social outlets.

Promotional material used for marketing and social platforms. These would range from awareness for updates, streams or community events.




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