Web & Social assets

Web/Social marketing for updates and events.

After the 2018 re-structures at Nexon I was moved from the Maplestory pod. Early that same year production and publishing work for Maplestory M started. When that team was formed I was asked to join them and help them in a creative capacity while also supporting other titles. I worked on a wide variaty of Web/Social marketing for updates and events before and after the game launched. Eventually my knowledge of the game made me a valuable asset specially for brain storming sessions. This is another very special project to me. I got to work with some of the best talent in the gaming industry. In the end I can honestly attribute the success of MSM in the western market to the talent on this team. In early stages the team was very close to the community. I myself was invited several times to participate in Discord and streams. That’s basically were the Maplestory community started calling “Artist Kirdein” after my in-game character.

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Concept & Illustration

Crossover IP marketing and player incentive events.

Another unique aspect of this title is that it required a lot of original illustration work. Because this game was a mobile version based on the original Maplestory we had several creative material that felt dated. So often I would create new illustrations, re-imagine or refresh some of the artwork needed for the game.

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Producer articles, news and updates.

Maple Insider was is basically the way producers would communicate and recap of whats happened during the past month. The idea for this came from our daily daily work related discuss meetings. Often we would joke around with the producers “Hey! What’s today daily insider?”. We really started to see this as a really important informative process for our team so we decided to have a similar discussion with our players and that eventually gave birth to the Maple Insider.

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