New In The Cash Shop

In game and Social Sales marketing

When I started working at Nexon I was assigned to the Maplestory Pod. I created hundreds of banners to help promote Cash Shop sales. Over time I moved away from the established templates and started being more creative with these banners. I was always looking for ways to make charismatic scenes that would feature sale items and have some sort of story to them. I still work on these assets from time to time. When I do I have fun with them because in the end the community appreciates the humor in them.

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#MapleMe Project

A creative event for the Maplestory community.

One of my favorite project I have had the pleasure to work on. The goal was to promote more social interaction on the Maplestory Twitter account. We had Maplers share their characters with us and we would select one each week and illustrate them. The event was so successful that it was eventually made available to the other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Many of these had amazing feedback from the community and it’s been very rewarding to see their reactions.

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IP Crossovers, Hot-week & Holiday assets

Crossover IP marketing and player incentive events.

I worked with several IP holders to crate crossover promotions with Maplestory. We had some pretty amazing titles like Evangelion, Card Captor, Re:Zero and Line friends.  Card Captor was by far one the best crossovers I worked on. With this IP I really tried to capture the spirit of the new anime while maintaining brand standards. I also worked on assets to promote monthly hot weeks were Maplers could level with extra EXP. I also did several illustrations for holiday assets and black Friday sales.


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Web & Social assets

Web/Social marketing for updates and events.

One of the regular assignments I worked on was creating promotional material for game updates and events. One of the key objectives was to try and create material that was appealing to our western players. I was able to be consistent in creating material that would successfully help the events or updates have positive results. One of the top performing work historically was achieved during the Black Mage update.

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