Kirdein featured on Disney Infinity Toy Box TV – Ep. 97

By October 27, 2015 November 6th, 2019 Blog, Disney Infinity

I had the amazing opportunity of getting invited to Disney Interactive. I usually tweet any work I’m doing on my social profiles. I always drop Allison and JV a note so they can see anything Disney Infinity themed I worked on. There such amazing people so of course they always give out feedback. So when I got the invitation to be featured on the show I was very excited and accepted.

One of the goals on my  California bucket list was to work at Disney Interactive. I visit my best friend at the Dreamworks campus a lot and always go by the Disney Interactive gates. I always throw an imaginary hope grenades at it. People ask me why I do it specially if they know how big of a Disney fan I am. My response is always that I’m trying to brake those doors down so I can get in one day.

John Vignocchi once told me he would love one of my customs so I made him a base along with a custom JV figure and another for Allison. I knew they would flip their lids. And that’s honestly something I love to provoke on people when I give them a sculpture or custom work.

It was an amazing experience and seeing everything that goes behind the scenes was mind blowing. I saw some amazing prototypes in their battle room. And got a glimpse at tons of concept art. By the way the office area is epic everyone has all sorts of cool things on their desks. At the end of the tour they gave me a bag with figures that had not come out yet.